Credit Unions Vote

Your vote helps you and people throughout your community achieve financial well-being.

Credit unions fight to protect their members – including you.


As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, your credit union and others across the country focus on advancing their communities and providing people with opportunities to achieve financial success.

  • One in three people in America belongs to a credit union.
  • 44% of all registered voters are credit union members.
  • Electing candidates who support credit union efforts helps working Americans, our communities, and the credit unions that serve Main Streets across our country.
  • By voting, you are doing your part to protect your credit union and advance your community.

At a time when more communities face banking deserts and uncertain financial futures, it’s more important than ever that Congress recognize and preserve the role that credit unions play in our economy. Electing candidates who recognize and support our mission is the surest way to maintain and grow the ability of credit unions to serve Main Streets from Florida to Alaska.

Join us and remind Washington that credit unions vote.

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